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Back on the swing

29th Jan 2013

Hope you all enjoyed some cracking days off,...post Australia Day and it's back onto the daily swing.

First up, the short we worked on last spring 'Toast' a film by Dave McIntosh made the final list at the Peninsula short film festival (http://www.peninsulashortfilmfestival.com.au/)... and up against some stiff competition..well whaddayaknow?... Toast won first prize....you beauty...nice work Dave and all involved..check out the festival top three films at the website.

And a few notes on some of the work keeping us busy since our last update.....

We composed and produced music for an impressive live event,staged by AMP..a theatrical art-piece fusing music, animated design on a massive screen and live dancers..I am sure it woke everyone up!

We tracked and mixed tvc's for 'Quizopia', animation by the great Viskatoons (www.viskatoons.com). Check out the website www.quizopia.com , looks like a lotta fun,..I reckon I'm gonna sign up!

A couple of state government tv and radio campaigns were worked on,..one promoting healthy kids, and another on speed cameras saving lives. Also in TVC land , a pacy ad for 'Coldrock' (www.coldrock.com.au), purveyors of lip-smacking icecream,  promoting their summer mash up campaign,...and a tv and cinema campaign for the new 'Honda Civic', featuring the track 'Punching in a dream' by The Naked and Famous' and the silky tones of Cindy Sargon.


Spring,..Love..it's in the air

27th Sep 2012

Hooking up to producers in New York one day and San Francisco the next ( via the brilliant Source Connect software ),.we had the pleasure of recording Henry Rollins , voice overs for the UFC and Nissan Infiniti . In between hours of hardcore v/o sessions we had a chance to have a coupla decent convos,..great bloke, courteous and generous. While he was here he slipped in a vocal performance for a new track by Public Enemy . 

Another interesting production we have worked on, for Telstra,  involved recording 5 actors in character,

for an animation to promote their line of apps. We handed over the performance to the fantastic XYZstudios , and 2 or so weeks later added sound design and music to the snappy animations created. With any luck we will post the finished promo to our work page soon.

TOAST..not a likely title for a surf film short you would think..directed by Dave Mcintosh, will be appearing in a film festival near you this coming summer. We worked on sound design,.. foley and two soundmixes ( one for the film festivals and one for the web ) .

We also produced the sound for various TV and Radio ads  for brands like Sacla ( featuring Steve Bastoni currently starring in Barassi the musical ), Gazman, Care Australia, Vic Gov, and more...

Music wise we composed and produced two pieces of music for Amcor,..one of them featuring the smooth skills of Jason Heerah ( Electric Empire) on drums .


Here come the Rev Heads

9th Mar 2012

Albert Park is all fenced in and ready to rumble....hopefully Weber has better luck this year,..hmmmm..

if I record the cars bangin round the circuit and slow it right down....wow what a sound that would be..

Big bad Bernie would never find out would he ???

Well,  back in the ( I promise u can't hear the cars in the vocal booth ) studio , we have uploaded 50 or so tracks to the B.E.A.M. (big ears audio music) page on our site.....go on, have a listen....and turn it up!

In the lead up to Christmas we worked on a charming audio visual presentation of the Christmas story with Hive Creative ( www.hive.com.au ) , shown in Federation Square for the City of Melbourne. Our role was music supervision and editing, sound design and mix.

Not exactly fresh news but you might enjoy viewing 'Not Quite Art' ( written and presented by Marcus Westbury, directed by Emma Crimmings ), as mush as I enjoyed working on them, ...the 3 episodes are on vimeo at  www.vimeo.com/23521896 ,  We recorded Marcus and produced the sound mix .



And they're Racing

21st Oct 2011

...y'know you are a sound tragic when the sight of 15 slicked up thoroughbreds flashing past is not half as exciting as the SOUND of it...

Here at big ears we are Zipping through spring,.. working on a typical grab-bag of assorted audio goodies !

We just finished mixing, voice production and sound design on 3 episodes of 'Island King'..a radio series of an australasian

adventure written and produced by Peter Swan. It has a fabulous cast including Kate Jenkinson, Nick Farnell, Doug Tremlett

and David Reyne....it was great fun to record,..sharp writing and good talent always helps.


Tilt creative produced an exciting animated promo ( to be played in stadiums) for the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.

We contributed sound design to some epic music,..giving the lot a dynamic mix .

Along the same lines we worked on a promo, to be played for the 'BMW series 1' launch,

and at dealerships around Australia ,..working with Aust Business Theatre.


We had the pleasure of recording Morgan Spurlock, voice-over for his new Doco series 'A Day in the Life..', a spontaneous and

intelligent microphone artiste!


We have produced TVC and Radio ads for the likes of Honda, Daley pumps ( with iconic voice-over talent John Flaus ),

Vic Fitness Academy, Childrens Week, GMHBA, and more.

Music wise we finished work on our Sonic brand for Canberra Centre,..and putting the finishing touches on the B.E.A.M.

page of our website.....Big Ears Audio Music...an initial release of approx 50 tracks..short and longer form .

"Baby it's cold outside"

7th Jul 2011

Winter has really set in....and that means loads of good studio days..nothing like mixing a tune when outside it's blowin and spittin !

Music wise the last few months had us composing a jazzy theme and stings for an animated bank promo,..we updated a sonic brand package for Robina Town Centre (Qld),..we have created a sonic brand for another australian shopping centre,..our 'Simple' track has been edited and restriped to another ANZ promo,..

June seemed to be on hold month at big ears,..recording tons of VO for the likes of Deakin University, the Steeline group and Paintspot.

Creating sound for animation is always super fun,..currently we are in production of a 2min trailer for an upcoming animated series,..the characters are well written and look great. We are handling all the voice recording, sound design, music production and sound mix of the trailer.

A few TVC and radio campaigns have been produced as well..brands like Mercury Marine, Gazman and one of australia's leading weight loss experts

More news in Spring



Working with top people like Shane Jacobson

24th Mar 2011

What..is it March already ?? ....lucky we get to meet all sorts of great people 'round here.

Shane Jacobson came in for a voice over last month,..when the mic was on efficient and professional,..but both before and after the session he had us in stitches,..a most warm and naturally funny man ! Speaking of nice people Pete Smith,the veteran Ch 9 announcer, voiced the latest 'Make a wish Foundation' TVC..humble and a joy to work with.

We also get to work with some truly talented children. Along with kids from the 'Hello Music' school we were very lucky to have 'Truc' , a 6 yr old Vietnamese Idol contestant, sing for us. Truc recorded a traditional folk song 'acapella' that gave me shivers up the spine and a tear in the eye,..and I do not understand vietnamese,..a strong pure voice.

We recently recorded an interview with surfers Stephanie Gilmore ( 4 time and current world champ ) and Mick 'white lightning ' Fanning ( dual world champion ) for the upcoming Rip Curl Pro event at Bells Beach . Both of them down to earth and quick with a laugh !

And how about Alana Scanlon ( choreographer ...if I say veteran she'll smash me, don't mess with dancers !),..she has been entertaining us for many a year now, and a treat to work with her again, this time on the L'Oreal luncheon , a key event during the 'Melbourne Fashion Week'.


2011 starts off with a bang

31st Jan 2011

We finished 2010  working on music , voiceover and sound design for Deakin Uni, Freightline Trucks, Fauldings and FINA .

 2011 has started off just as busy working with new company BUPA on their internal communications including a snappy TV ident. 

Helping relaunch World Visions Connecting Lives to be held in Sydney this year

Adrian sound designed and mixed an animated TVC for Mercury Marine ,..working with Derek Craig of 10 feet tall....


Spring off to a great start composing music for new cable channel ident

11th Oct 2010

Big Ears Audio have composed the music and sound designed the a new station ident for Singapore cable channel TLC.The design and animation was created by award winning english design company TILT Creative.

Also TVC's that we have worked on are the Victorian Anti Drugs Campaign, Delfin "Forde",Hairhouse Warehouse and Childrens Week Victoria.

A radio ad was produced for Urbayne Home's with agency 10 feet tall,we cast and recorded the V/O sourced and mixed in the music and SFX.

ANZ bank really liked the music track 'So Simple' that we wrote and produced,  and  are licensing it again for the launch of a new product called "mortgage saver"

The Spring Racing Canival has started , don't be surprised if the music you hear at a number of fashion parades around town wasn't put together by Big Ears Audio

Chantelle Theos in the Studio/Stefan Mack Films and Rupert Skinner Design

2nd Sep 2010

Chantelle Theos is back from the states were there seems to be a great deal of interest in her.

Also lots of movement around the studio ,.. film company Stefan Mack Films has moved into the space,..he has set up his new edit suite and office.http://www.stephanmackfilms.com.au/


 UK  graphic design company Rupert Skinner Design has also moved in,..fresh from sunny London,..   Rupert grabbed a chance to be involved within the creative hub here at 97 Wellington st ....www.rupertskinner.com.au

August Update

17th Aug 2010

After operating for 8 years in Carlisle St Balaclava (Melbourne Victoria) Big Ears Audio have moved to Wellington Street St Kilda, where we have built a great sounding audio production suite designed by David Flett.

Now having settled into our new space, we have been busy producing and composing  music and soundscapes for a live show called "Airbourne" which is to be held at this years 2010 World Expo in Shanghai China,  in the Australia Pavilion which opened May the 1st.

The show that runs for 12 minutes will feature aerial dance and movement that will be choreographed to a musical story line scored and produced by Big Ears Audio that will be performed 4 times a day for 6 months.

The audience are immersed in synchronised light and music,  the performers flying and dancing through the air, ..quite the spectacle!

Once the expo is over they are predicting 70 million people will have attended .

The creative director is Doug Tremlett (2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games opening ceremony) and choreographed by Sue Broadway (Circus Oz, Mooba).

Attached is a link of a story that was in The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald did a few weeks ago that also gives you a bit of a back story regarding the show.



Also attached is a link to the official press release on the Australian World Expo website regarding Premier Brumby launching it here in Melbourne a few weeks ago.

Just thought you might want to have a look at this link from a Chinese News broadcast on Saturday - you have to go a couple of minutes into the segment but then there is quite a lengthy feature on the aerial show in the Pavilion - worth the wait and the look!

Also Big Ears Audio have been busily  involved in composing music and sound designing audio for companies BMW, IBM and ANZ. All have been successful campaigns.

Currently Big Ears Audio is working on composing music for global packing manufacture Amcor.

Busy in the studio with TVC’s and radio spots ,we had voiceover artist/actor Abbe Holmes recording voiceovers for the new Department of Education Victoria “Shine” TVCs . featuring Shannon Noll's hit.  After the success of the previous ads another series of ads have been produced.

The new Art Series Hotels, Intralot, Rinnai and MS Society TVC’s are all campaigns that Big Ears Audio have produced audio for, and are airing through autumn and winter.

We are fortunate to be involved with the Deaf Children’s Society and producing their new TVC, after the tremendous success of the radio ads.

Radio ads created recently have been for Leader News Paper “Truelocal”, Deaf Children’s Society, Hairhouse Warehouse and Youi Car insurance.

Thirdrow Row Films, director Olivia Peniston-Bird entrusted her short film “Stony Point” with us. Big Ears Audio looked after the music supervision, audio post and  sound mix which helped it gain a place in the Melbourne International Film Festival.

Deborah Gray Management chose Big Ears Audio to record up and coming artist Chantelle Theos’s demo, 3 tracks were recorded and filmed to showcase her talent to overseas interests. She is currently in the states.

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